Sahm Adrangi: Atypical Hedge Fund Manager

Sahm Adrangi is, indeed, not a stereotypical hedge fund manager. Adrangi is, however, the man behind Kerrisdale Capital. Kerrisdale Capital is a financial support source for research. Specifically, Kerrisdale funds such research areas as aviation and biotechnology.

So far, nearly 50 investments have been made. Details concerning all of the investments have already been published on the official Kerrisdale website. Sahm Adrangi is committed to honesty and transparency. He and the Kerrisdale website are significant sources of inspiration of numerous investors. He first worked in the area of credit and put in a lot of time working with hedge funds and distressed debt.

A Noteworthy Chief Investment Officer

Sahm Adrangi is presently the CIO (chief investment officer). He is a hands-on person who oversees every aspect of the firm’s operations. He also manages the organization’s investment portfolio.

Adrangi launched the company in 2009. He started with less than $1 million. Under his handling, the fund blossomed into $150 by July of 2017. In his position as CIO, Sahm Adrangi published his own research and made additional activist investments.

Short Sale Investments

His firm has made a great number of investments in short sales. Adrangi also invested in some Chinese businesses. Adrangi considers China as a significant source of much economic growth. Adrangi shorted such companies as the China Marine Food Group which was previously known for fraud. Such businesses have been singled out for enforcement of securities laws by the SEC.

The Development Of Expertise in Biotechnology

Sahm Adrangi also is currently concentrating on the development of knowledge in certain specific fields. His company has a major focus on biotech and an involvement with allocating capital for a business. Furthering an exposure to this particular industry has greatly benefited Sahm Adrangi and his business venture.

Sahm Adrangi: High-Risk Investing Guru

Sahm Adrangi is the current chief investment officer (CIO) of Kerrisdale Capital Management, an investment firm that he established in 2009. The investment firm made it to the headlines lately because of the initiative of the company’s CIO to raise more than $100 million from their wealthy investors who are putting their trust to the skills and expertise of Sahm Adrangi. The money that was raised by Kerrisdale Capital Management will be used to buy a single stock that is still not revealed to the public. Many critics and skeptics are raising their eyebrows to the decision of the company and warned that it might result in the total bankruptcy of Kerrisdale Capital Management. However, the investment firm heads are confident that they have made the right decision. Experts and other investors are optimistic about the move of Kerrisdale Capital Management and hope that it would turn out good because it will benefit the company as a whole along with everyone who has given their share of money to Kerrisdale Capital Management, to be used for buying stocks.

The management at Kerrisdale Capital Management explained that Sahm Adrangi directed their move, and he even asked the officers at the company to trust him in what he is doing. Sahm Adrangi gained fame when he started to put his money on stocks that are very risky. However, knowing when the lines and graphs would move and taking all of your money before it can be affected by the subsequent deflation of values can result in high success. This is what Sahm Adrangi wanted to show the people who are criticizing him for his actions and are telling that he is just a scammer. He would be investing in a soon to be unveiled company to gain more profit.

The rest is history, and Adrangi became one of the most well-known professionals in the field of investing and trading. People would be visiting his location to get assistance with their financial problems, and even legal issues concerning the business. However, most of the time, Sahm Adrangi is staying remotely to monitor what is going on.


Jeremy Goldstein Talks About The Pros and Cons Of Pay For Performance

Attorney at law Jeremy Goldstein has written about how to create sustainable compensation packages at companies. He says there is a constant battle between adequately compensating good employees and keeping long-term investor happy with good dividends and growth in their stocks. He has worked with many huge corporations on issues such as this including Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Verizon. His advice gets into issues such as the correct way to use Earnings per Share (EPS) as an incentive-based compensation program. He says that there are debates over using this program as a way to pay for performance, though.

Jeremy Goldstein wrote that in general paying people with EPS is pretty positive. For one, shareholders use EPS as one of the biggest reasons to buy or sell a company’s stock. Another positive for the general economy is that it encourages companies to pay more to each employee when they utilize EPS. He points to studies that show that when EPS is included as a part of an employees compensation package those companies do better financially.

Among the negatives, he wrote, is that when a company uses EPS is can create a problem if favoritism develops. It also can lead to people having a blind eye when it comes to companies chief executive officers. They also believe that using EPS can lead to far too much control is given to executives in regards to whether the metrics are being met or not for employees to benefit from EPS. Other critics say it leads to a short-term profitability mindset at companies versus looking at long-term success. Jeremy Goldstein says that there is a comprise. He said companies can continue to use EPS but also devise ways to hold executive responsible for their decisions.

Jeremy Goldstein started out his career as an attorney at law at Shearman & Sterling LLP. A year later he joined one of the biggest law firms in New York, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. He made partner at this law firm and stayed with it for 14 years.

In June 204 he founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. Jeremey Goldstein offers his legal advice when it comes to compensation, especially in regards to executive compensation. His advice is most often sought when one company has purchased another. This can lead to thorny issues in regards to executive compensation that only a keen legal mind can detangle.


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Jeremy Goldstein: Giving Employees an Investment Chance

Jeremy Goldstein is a prominent blogger who practices law. He is posting several articles related to legal concerns and financial matters, and one of the most recent articles that he published is about the stock options known as a “knock out,” and how it can help employers and business owners, specifically those who have decided to terminate their company’s stock benefit. Jeremy Goldstein is pointing out that several companies and businesses decided to put an end to a staple company benefit: owning a company share. Before, customers are given a chance to purchase their company’s stocks and to keep a portfolio of it to be traded later on. However, this benefit was removed because the companies agreed that it cost them a lot of money, and stopping the practice would save them a lot of money.



However, Jeremy Goldstein thinks the opposite, and he has his insight into what is happening. According to his research, the companies started to terminate the stock ownership benefit because of the unpredictable drop in the prices of the stocks that the employees own. This fluctuation in prices does not affect the expenses of the company, and they are always required by the government to report what is happening with their business. The movement of the stock price is seen not as an investment by the companies, but as a gamble, so they decided to end the practice and just compensate their employees with additional salary.



However, some critics of the decision of private companies pointed out that removing the stock benefit from the employees would only give them a hard time to earn money because they would no longer be guided by their companies on how to invest. Jeremy Goldstein emphasized that people should be speaking with their companies about some conflicts that may arise from the decision.



Working for more than 15 years as a corporate lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein is considered as an expert in the field. Through his private firm called the Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC, Jeremy Goldstein will be able to provide the legal needs of his clients. Jeremy Goldstein writes when he has free time, and he is always using the internet to help him with his writing tasks. Jeremy Goldstein is a hardworking man who wanted to open the eyes of the people on where and when they can invest their money to gain the best profit.


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‘Thai Guy’ Joel Friant Brings Heat to the Palm of Your Hand

In today’s world, being an entrepreneur can be a struggle, especially when it comes to finding the perfect niche to target. Joel Friant has gone beyond finding a niche, but rather tapped into a world that’s been growing for millennia: spice.

Friant didn’t always have his mind on succulent scovilles, though. His initial background actually began in real estate sales and home remodeling, but he had other ideas stewing. The restaurant industry was in his future and his goal was to ratchet up the heat.

In 1995, Friant would begin tinkering with the world of Thai fast food and eventually give birth to perhaps his signature product, The Habanero Shaker. Branding himself “The Thai Guy,” his product sold well in Washington State giving him plenty of confidence in its ability to stand on its own.

Friant’s mind is regularly churning ideas. The whiteboard in his mind frequently features scribbles and eraser marks to fine-tune concepts such as “The Income Thermostat,” but there is money to be made in the same market that offers grated parmesan cheese and generic “red pepper flakes.”

Taking a moment to recap what makes The Habanero Shaker unique, Friant started with his love of the pepper. Knowing that he most certainly wasn’t the only one with this adoration, he decided that it was his duty to get a spicy yet flavorful condiment to the people who pined for such a blend.

He would go on to research and confirm that no other product on the market offered 100 percent habanero pepper flake goodness and the passion that helped him excel in real estate kicked into gear.

In a Dec 15, 2017 interview with, Friant made it clear that he feels adding some kick to a variety of foods is a market ready to be fully explored.

“More people’s taste buds are ‘waking up’ to the spicy feeling of the chile pepper,” he said.

There’s no doubt that thanks to his innovative tactics and ability to identify trends that we may see a Habanero Shaker on a restaurant table near us all sooner or later.

AvaTrade: Trade Online with Forex and CryptoCurrency

Online trading is an incredible opportunity with revolutionary technology and methods of implementation these days. Not only can AvaTrade help people who are learning about online trading, but they also improve the outcomes for well established online traders. No matter what your investment needs may be, there are a lot of advantages to AvaTrade. They even offer significant options for trading cryptocurrency which makes it possible to enter new markets.

Getting ahead is easy with AvaTrade because of their world class customer service. Users can contact agents anytime of day or night and receive personalized support. There are a lot of opportunities for multinational people as well, as customer support is available in more than seven different languages. Fast withdrawals and easy setup processes make it possible to get lasting value and results when working with AvaTrade.

They have so many options for withdrawing and adding funds. Examples include Paypal, Skrill, WebMoney, and Neteller. Getting your money out only takes 48 hours and requests can even be processed sooner. Getting started is also easy, as AvaTrade only requires a minimum deposit of one hundred dollars to get up and running.

There are so many advantages of AvaTrade and there are a lot of people who agree. There is an incredibly high volume of transactions performed on the network each month. 2 million trades account for about sixty billion dollars of revenue every thirty days. The results are astounding when it comes to improving infrastructure and getting reputable results. AvaTrade provides the best standards of operation for Forex as well as two hundred and fifty unique instruments. These results provide consistent and effective solutions no matter what.

Overall AvaTrade is a great choice when it comes to creating lasting results and having a good experience online. Users can benefit from significant advantages such as online educational resources, great customer service, as well as ongoing updates to the platform. There are more options when it comes to virtual trading with AvaTrade than most other forex exchanges because of their inclusiveness when it comes to cryptocurrency. Get the best results when pursuing trading online with AvaTrade.

The Oxford Club And Two Crucial Tips For Financial Success In Investing

It takes money to make money, as they say. While this sentiment often applies to commerce, it’s even more true for investing. Without substantial stores of money to tuck away in the form of valuable financial instruments, you’re inherently likely to earn less money through investments than your wealthier counterparts are.

Hefty inheritances or lottery jackpots would be nice, though these tips should start you off on the right foot. They’re even worth reading if you’re a trained, seasoned investor – everyone needs a refresher on the fundamentals of investing, as tons of individuals forget these simple tools.

Investment Costs Are Higher As The Frequency Of Trading Moves Upwards

Trading financial instruments isn’t free, as we all know, all too well. While it’s acceptable, and even recommended, to make necessary trades throughout each calendar year, acting as a passive investor is ideal for almost all scenarios.

Active investors, the polar opposite of passive investors, tend to host numerous cognitive biases regarding their techniques, including the untrue belief that they have control over the performance of various instruments. Plus, passive investors almost always yield higher returns over several-year periods, and even more frequently over their lifetimes.

One of the added benefits of acting as a passive investor is far fewer transaction costs.

Bring Zen To The Balance Of Your Financial Portfolio

Ever since the global financial crisis in 2009, the stock market has been trending upwards. As prices rise higher, the possibility of stocks riding downturns becomes higher, as well.

Consider ditching stocks that have earned you oodles over the past decade, and replacing them with low-rate contenders.

The Bio Of The Oxford Club

Founded in 1989 in Florida, The Oxford Club has delivered publications of private investment advice to thousands of interested parties over the years.

Currently located in Baltimore, Maryland, The Oxford Club has a whopping 155,000-plus members from nearly three-quarters of the world’s countries.

Let Siteline Cabinetry Build Your Personalized Cabinets

It would seem that most homeowners desire to put their decorating touch on items in their homes. Custom cabinetry is a popular choice especially for kitchen upgrades. These cabinets have been too expensive in the past for homeowners that didn’t have a fat bank account. Now, Siteline Cabinetry is able to provide low to middle income homeowners exquisite cabinet styles that the homeowner personally designs. Having nice kitchen cabinets changes the mood of the room. With beautiful woodworking and intriguing decor features, homeowners are proud to show off their remodeled space. These cabinets all offer substantially better storage areas in a unique design that no one else has.

The affordable products sold by Siteline Cabinetry are making news in the interior design world. Many new home buyers are picking this affordable option to upgrade their home’s dated kitchen cabinets. The choices that a homeowner has are incredible. This company offers over 270 types of cabinet styles. There are choices for homeowners that love contemporary, traditional, country, mid-century modern and other impressive decor styles. Then individuals get to select doors and bonus embellishments. Homeowners can pick stunning glass fronted cabinets, traditional doors and even open front cabinet spaces.

Every cabinet that Siteline Cabinetry builds has a story. The final product is the result of a homeowner deciding which features will be included in their original design. With no two cabinets alike, customers are assured of an authentic look that others will admire. The finish options are amazing also. There are wood stains that look just like natural wood. Customers can opt for a high gloss shine or a depth capturing textured finish. The cabinets may be painted in just about any gorgeous color combinations. Interesting cabinet door handles and metal hardware adds to the finished appearance.

Siteline Cabinets are incredible selections for any style of home or space. Many homeowners choose to add these striking cabinets to their kitchens, but the cabinets also look fantastic in other areas where storage may be needed. Homeowners all work with a trained and authorized Siteline Cabinetry dealer ensuring a perfect cabinet designing experience.

The Services Offered By Aloha Construction Of Illinois

Aloha Construction is a business that repairs and/or replaces roofs, siding, windows, and gutter systems. Their main office and headquarters is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois, and they have a second location in Bloomington. They offer a free property inspection to homeowners in order to assess damage after storms have occurred or when a part of the home has gotten old and needs replacing, and learn more about Aloha Construction.

Being licensed, bonded, and insured, Aloha Construction offers quality construction to homeowners. They have experience with all of the different types of roofing such as asphalt shingle, wood shake, and steel. They also are deeply experienced with all the different types of siding including wood, Hardiboard, vinyl, brick, stucco, and others.

Since being founded as a family owned and operated company, Aloha Construction has now completed more than 18,000 projects for its customers. They have achieved the top rating on Home Advisor which is five stars. Home Advisor also lists them as having been screened and approved for the last three year in a row. The company was founded in 2008 by Dave Farbaky.

In October 2017, Aloha Construction became one of the biggest sponsors of the athletics program at Illinois State University. Additionally, the sponsor the Normal Cornbelters, which is a baseball team, and the Central Illinois Flying Aces who are a USHL team. The company has given back to the community in other ways as well. They sponsor hockey games that are played by students going to Boy’s and Girl’s Club after school. They have also put on a shopping spree where children from low-income households were able to get items they needed.

Recently Aloha Construction was teamed up with a new sister company called Aloho Restoration, Co. This company offers services including mold removal, remodeling projects, fire damage restoration, and water cleanup. Between the two companies all of a homeowner’s needs can be met, and

Greg Aziz & National Steel car


In what is a very competitive industry in the manufacturing industry, one company has managed to stand out in the midst of it all and, that company is none other than National Steel Car. Also succeeding in what is an ultra-competitive country in manufacturing, Canada, National Steel Car has managed to reach levels of accomplishments that very few manufacturing companies can say they have. Created as far back as the early 1900’s, National Steel Car has proven to stand the test of time. Currently, the success of National Steel Car is a big part of the leadership of its CEO and chairman, Gregory Aziz. Under his guidance, National Steel Car has continued to grow in ways that are hard to compete with.

More On The History Of National Steel Car

Since its establishment in 1912 by a number of various shareholders such as the well-known John Gibson, National Steel Car was set up o succeed from the very beginning. Once projects began in Ontario, National Steel Car rocketed into a leadership status when it came to manufacturing companies, even back then. Needless to say, the first few predictions for the company’s initial goals far and away exceeded its expectations. As an example of its early success, people believed in the company so much that its first orders were in the large numbers of boxcars which, even today’s company would determine to be a significant amount of orders. This is even truer today as Gregory Aziz has simulated some of the steps and models of success that allowed early leaders of the company to achieve accomplishments. If there were even fewer reasons to doubt this company so far, it is important to remember that it even survived difficult time periods such as the great depression in the 1930’s.

National Steel Car Today & Recent Success

As mentioned before, a large part of the success that National Steel Car has had today is in large part of the leadership and guidance of the successful Gregory J Aziz. When Gregory took over as leader of the manufacturing company, he quickly found out that there was much to be done for the company. After putting in a significant amount of work, Gregory had helped National Steel Car increase its workers from a respectable 3,000 plus workers to an exceptional 12,000 plus workers. In fact, Gregory has also helped grow the company into different territories such as the United States and abroad. It goes without saying that Gregory J Aziz and National Steel Car will continue to succeed for many years to come.


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