How Sahm Adrangi Made His Name In The Investment Community

Sahm Adrangi is a successful investor who lives in New York City. He graduated from Yale in 2003 and then worked in investment banking as an analyst for five years. He now runs his own hedge fund at Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, a business he founded in April 2009. His strategy is to deeply research companies. When he sees that a company’s stock is overvalued he shorts their stock. He then releases his research to other investors in order to persuade them to his views on the company.

When he started his hedge fund Sahm Adrangi started it mostly with his own money as well as his family and professional contacts in the industry. Soon after starting Kerrisdale Capital Management he made a name for himself in the industry when he released his research on a number of Chinese companies whose stock he had shorted. Their stocks were listed on US stock market exchanges. His research showed that the companies were flimsy and basically scams.

The research that Sahm Adrangi released included Chinese companies in a number of industries. One of them was China Education Alliance, a for-profit educational company. At the time it had a value of $150 million on the NYSE and his research showed that it was actually worth less than $25 million. Among the issues he spotted was that even though it claimed to have revenue from its online classes its website didn’t actually even work. Issues like this were at all of the companies he had shorted, and more information click here.

As a result of Sahm Adrangi’s research into Chinese companies about 24 Chinese businesses were delisted from US stock market exchanges. He made a substantial amount of profit for his hedge fund and exposed people that were running phony companies. Due to his skill at running his hedge fund and researching companies it is now worth about $200 million, and

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How Waiakea Water Stands Out From Their Competitors

There’s a lot of talk about bottled water, and it’s always positive. Even though the nature of it can be quite controversial, it is a $100 billion-dollar business worldwide. Not all bottled water is created equal though. If you haven’t tried Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic bottled water, you are missing out on some good stuff.


One of the factors that makes Waiakea Water unique is that it’s based out of beautiful Hawaii. It also comes from a volcano, how cool is that? Because it filters through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock, it has a number of health benefits packed full of electrolytes, minerals, and it’s naturally alkaline. (Read


Did you know that everyday 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean? That is a staggering amount! Only 23 percent of the 50 billion plastic water bottles used last year were recycled. Waiakea is ahead of the curb by only selling 100 percent recycled water bottles, which takes over 83 percent less energy to manufacture. This environmental consciousness has endeared the brand to many as well as earned it numerous awards and recognition. This includes the global Carbon Neutral certification.This show Waiakea cares about the planet and are doing their part to create less waste and using less energy. They even create the worl’d first fully degradable bottle, which will come available next year.


No water bottle company gives back as much as Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water does. This stellar water bottle company partnered up with PumpAid to help poor rural communities in Africa get the clean drinking water they need. For every liter of bottled water sold, Waiakea donates 1 weeks’ worth of clean drinking water. To date they have donated well over 500 million liters so far.


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Not only do they give back to the community, but Waiakea is committed to be a sustainable company and also environmentally friendly. All of their bottles come from 100 recycled bottles and they are going to release the first ever fully degradable bottle next year. Instead of taking 1,500 years to naturally degrade, it will take on 15 years! That is a 97 percent difference!


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Waiakea facility uses 33 percent renewable energy to keep the planet greener. The source where they get the water from has a recharge rate of 1.4 billion gallons a day, so they certainly will not deplete it.


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Brazil’s President Is Out Of The Hospital But Not Out Of The Country’s Economic Mess According Bradesco’s CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Banco Bradesco doesn’t need economic growth to continue its financial growth. Bradesco’s 2016 revenue was $50 billion, and the bank will exceed that number in 2017. The bank’s net income in 2016 was $4.6 billion and that number will increase in 2017 as well. The total assets under management in 2017 is $413 billion, and the bank’s executive teams expect that figure to grow in 2018.

Bradesco has more than 5,300 branches when all the supermarkets, retail shops, and other locations are part of the total. And the bank continues to expand its financial reach by recently acquiring Banco Mercantil de São Paulo, Banco do Estado do Maranhão, Banco Ibi S.A., and the Brazilian operations of J.P. Morgan Fleming Asset Management, as well as Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria. (BBVA) Those acquisitions complement the 2006, American Express subsidiary acquisition, and the 2015, $5 billion acquisition of HSBC’s Brazilian division.

Wall Street gives most of the credit for the bank’s incredible success to the Chairman of the Board, Lázaro de Mello Brandão, and Vice-Chairman Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme, but foreign investors also know CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the driving force behind the bank’s expansion program on Trabuco is the man who put an effective executive team together. The executive team is a talented mixture of professional bankers and financial advisors who know how to make money. Trabuco is the catalyst, thanks to his management style and 48 years of banking experience with Bradesco. Luiz is not a finance man by education. He is a competent financial man thanks to his intuitive knowledge and his experience in the school of hard banking knocks. Trabuco is the face of the bank in Brazil, and his face is well-known in countries around the world.

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When the news that Michel Temer was back in the hospital after bypass and prostate surgery, the country didn’t know what to think about the future of his economic reforms. Brazil still has a long way to go to get back in the BRICS game. Temer is trying to get the country moving again, but political opposition is hurting his recovery programs. But Trabuco doesn’t have that kind of opposition. Lázaro de Mello Brandão, the chairman who gave the bank so much in terms of insight, good banking sense, and progressive banking programs is retiring this year. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is taking over as chairman. Trabuco will still serve as CEO until the bank appoints his replacement. Trabuco replacement will come from Trabuco’s executive team.

There are seven qualified candidates for the CEO position. All the men know how to work with Trabuco and the Board of Directors. The big question in the minds of most Bradesco employees is which man can solve the internal issues that are creating challenges for the bank branches and the bank’s subsidiaries? According to, some employees want more digital services and less on- sight services, so Mauricio Machado de Minas could be the next CEO. The Fifty-eight-year-old IT chief is responsible for rolling out the bank’s digital platform, Next, so he is one of the top picks. But so is Octavio de Lazari. Octavio de Lazari is the president of the insurance division of the bank, Seguros. Seguros is where Trabuco got his reputation as a money-maker. He was president from 2003 to 2009. Seguros employees think de Lazari is a natural for the CEO spot.

The man who put the HSBC deal together, risk manager, Alexandre da Silva Glüher is also at the top of the list. And investment banker, Marcelo Noronha, and Andre Cano the current human resource chief are in the hunt for the job. But some Bradesco employees like Josué Augusto Pancini because of his operation experience. Other employees say Domingos Figueiredo Abreu is the man because of his loan officer background.


Gregory Aziz Started New Business From an Old One

Because National Steel Car had been in business before, Gregory James Aziz saw it as one of the top ways he could help people get more from the business. He also knew the business would be able to be profitable if he was going to try and make things better for other people. He saw a lot of value in the industry and that’s what helped him become a better person with the company he worked with. In addition, Gregory J Aziz tried to always make sure he was improving things for other people. His way of offering up services to those who had worked with National Steel Car in the past was one of the only ways he could try to help those who were in danger of losing their jobs or losing entire careers.


While Gregory James Aziz has always been a person who does a lot with different businesses, he primarily worked for other people. The work he did with other people was generally related to his business experience and that’s what put him into the top of the game as a business person. Greg Aziz and his wife are sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. A lot of people were interested in working with him and that helped him to make things easier on himself.


Once Greg was able to recognize what he had done on his own, he knew there would be a chance he would have to continue working for those companies. He also knew he would need to try and make things better for all the people who were in those situations. Putting himself first gave Gregory James Aziz the chance to really branch out and have his own business. When he could work for himself, Greg Aziz knew it would be a way for him to actually make more money. It was also something he felt confident about because of the way he was good at business.


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Depending on the issues that Greg Aziz faced, he tried to show people the right way to make it work better. He had always wanted to give others a chance to try different things. He also wanted people to realize they could make things better on their own. If Gregory James Aziz was going to continue serving those who were close to him, he had to do something about the way he worked in business. He also had to make sure he was giving people a chance at a better future.

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A Background Gregory Aziz, National Steer Car CEO

If you haven’t heard of National Steel Car, it is North America’s largest manufacturer of railway freight cars. The company has been around since 1912 and is known for quality customer relations and superior industry standards.


Current CEO, President and Chairman, Gregory James Aziz, is a staple to the success National Steel Car has seen over the past several decades. He is known as a strong leader with a passion for bringing technology to the forefront of the stock car production industry.


Affiliated Foods: Gregory Aziz’s Strength in Business Growth

When considering Greg Aziz’s strong suits in business, one of the top skills is strength in business development. This is especially true when it comes to the sheer growth of a business over a short period of time. While this growth can easily be seen in his successes of National Steel Car, he had his first major success in business expansion when working for his family business.


The company is called Affiliated Foods and it specializes in the distribution of fresh foods. Greg J. Aziz first began working there after graduating from college with a degree in economics. He held many positions at the company, but shone most brightly in the business development sector. In fact, he grew Affiliate Foods from a local company to Western Canada to a global company. The company began working across multiple continents and worked with every major distributor of fresh foods.


National Steel Car: A Tradition of Giving Back

Giving back to the local community is at the foundation of National Steel Car’s philosophy. The company employs over 2,000 people in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Their leadership prides themselves on being family oriented. In fact, every year National Steel Car throws a massive holiday party where they invite every employee (past and present) to bring their families out to celebrate the holidays. The party has become one of the most exciting events in Hamilton. It serves as a Christmas party for most of the town’s families. Visit This Page to learn more.


Mr. Aziz is very passionate about agriculture. He and his wife are big supporters of the largest Canadian agriculture expo in the country, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Employees of National Steel Car rally each year to collect canned good and food to support the community’s local shelter. With such a large workforce, the donated food from National Steel Employees makes a major difference in food volume.

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Non-surgical Pain Treatments at Osteo Relief Institute You Need To Know

Patients with osteoarthritis tend to make lifestyle changes. This can include changes in occupation, medical care, exercise, and diet.


Being overweight can exacerbate the condition of osteoporosis. A physical therapist will be able to help you with exercises and stretches that benefit the condition of osteoarthritis. These stretches should be completed several times per day. It’s important for patients with osteoarthritis to eat healthy. Eliminate processed foods and increase the number of fresh vegetables and fruit consumed each day.


There may be slight alterations you can make at work to make osteoarthritis easier to deal with. The modification of a technique or the addition of a tool can help make things easier. Regarding medical care, patients with osteoarthritis may need to check in with their doctor regularly to keep track of the condition. It’s also important for patients to have a supportive community to help them stay positive and work through any changes that need to be made. The Institute provides pain relief treatment methods which help recover mobility.


Benefit from FDA approved treatments to alleviate:

Arthritis or grinding in the knee

Swollen lower joints

Pain in the spine, legs or arms


The Osteo Relief Institute assists patients with; spinal stenosis, sciatica, neuropathy, degenerative discs, chronic back pain, severe neck problems, herniated disc or failed back surgery. All facilities are multidisciplinary and are made up of physical therapists and board-certified physicians.


The Institute employs highly developed technologies and expert staff. The Osteo Relief website offers a free packet of information on non-surgical treatments for pain relief (AliveNewspaper). There are millions of people within the United States dealing with osteoarthritis and seeking non-surgical solutions. Each treatment plan is created custom for the patient and their specific needs. The Osteo Relief Institute is based in New Jersey but there are Institutes located all throughout the United States. View the nearest location to you on the website.

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Glen Wakeman, Successful Businessman Who Understands Importance of Helping Others

Hurricane Season was brutal this year and no one knows that better than Puerto Rico does. The island was clipped by Hurricane Irma, causing many residents to lose power. While they were recovering from that, life dealt them a painful blow. Hurricane Maria caused mass destruction at the end of September. The rain and wind did not stop for over 30 hours. By the end of it, most people lost everything.


The saddest aspect of all of that was that help was not forthcoming. The American Red Cross quickly deployed and offered help where they could. Volunteers handed out food, water, home repair kits, gloves, and more to those in the affected areas. As much work as they’re doing, it’s not enough and other people need to step in. The Red Cross only has so many resources and volunteers to go around. Luckily, there are a few people who are stepping in to assist them and Puerto Rico itself.


One of those people is Glen Wakeman who recently donated $1,000 to the American Red Cross himself. He knows how important it is for society to be kind to one another. Wakeman is also a businessman and therefore from a financial standpoint, he realizes just how important it is that businesses, citizens, and nonprofits come together to help those that are in need. The Red Cross has raised over $55 million but more needs to be raised because there’s no timeline on when Puerto Rico will be fully recovered. It’s also not known if they’ll ever fully recover.


Wakeman is currently the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings. Wakeman co-founded his company in 2015 but he’s always had a lengthy history of being known as a mentor, entrepreneur, investor, and all around successful businessman. He’s revolutionized businesses all across the globe and helped them develop. Wakeman is also a writer and therefore he’s taken to blogging to help share his insight into the business world. Wakeman covers a variety of topics in his blogs which include global affairs, strategy, and more (PhillyPurge). Wakeman has also lived in six different countries which not only makes him knowledgeable in international affairs, he also has gained recognition all across the globe.

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Dr. Mark Holterman – Current Business Ventures and Medical Career

Dr. Mark Holterman M. D. is a company owner as well as a pediatric surgeon who is currently serving as Professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine.


A few years ago, Dr. Mark Holterman became a collaborative founder of a company called Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies or AACT for short, currently serving on its board of executives. The AACT has been working in collaboration the medical journal CellR4 which is dedicated to cellular therapies. CellR4 is doing publications about the research that is presented at the conferences of the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies.


Another active part of his business life is Mariam Global Health. Dr. Mark Holterman created the company a few years ago in 2012, and he has been serving as the chief executive officer (CEO) as well chief medical officer. He established the company in order to spread pediatric surgery further and make it more available in the different regions of the world.


The company of Mariam Global Health is based in Chicago, Illinois. The business is an active investor in organizations and companies that are working in the field of regenerative medicine.


As a medical professional, Dr. Mark Holterman has amassed an experience of nearly 30 years. He has been working primarily in the Illinois cities of Maywood and Peoria during his career. Dr. Mark Holterman is also appointed at the PSF Healthcare where he has been practicing as a pediatric surgeon from 2011.


Before his career in medicine, Dr. Mark Holterman spend many years dedicated to fellowships and residences. He aimed to amass as much experience as possible and learn from some of the seasoned medical professionals from all around the world.


In terms of his education, Dr. Mark Holterman M. D. chose to attend the highly esteemed Yale University and to achieve a bachelor’s degree in General Biology. He attended the academic institution from 1976 until 1980 ( After that he studied in the United States of America here, he enrolled at the University of Virginia, and in 1988 Dr. Mark Holterman achieved his Ph D. and his M. D. in Medicine and Immunology.


Stream Energy Wins The Award For Being The Most Innovative Marketer In 2016

During the seventh Energy Marketing Conference for Retailers, which is held semi-annually, it was announced that Stream Energy has won this award for being the “2016 Most Innovative Marketer of the Year.” This Energy Marketing Conference was held in Houston, TX (GazetteDay). The award is given to the energy provider that has made effective strides by creating new products as well as programs, besides bundled services, and providing improved customer experience.


During the Energy Marketing Conference, the industry’s best come together. This award recognizes the work that has been done by the team at Stream. They are continually re-inventing themselves so that they can discover the right combination that provides value to the customers as well as their shareholders. It is an honor for Stream Energy to receive this award.


The co-founder of Advanced Energy Capital, LED Plus and Energy Marketing Conference is Jack Doueck. He has shown his excitement as he watches the industry presenting new as well as innovative ways in order to reach out to their customers. This has been in the form of bundling packages, new products, and programs, as well as service lines. This is where Stream Energy has managed to provide all this and won the award accordingly.

This “2016 Most Innovative Marketer of the Year Award” has been sponsored by Hansen Technologies. There were several nominees for this award. These include Brilliant Energy, besides Green Mountain Energy, as well as Just Energy along with RRH Energy. In addition, Stream Energy has been nominated for the “2016 REP of the Year Award” also.


Stream Energy is on a constant endeavor to make life as easy and effortless as it can be made possible. They are always brainstorming in order to find new ways that will help to connect the lives of their customers in a better way. This award is a clear depiction of the focus, and care, as well as creativity that has been put in by the team at Stream Energy. The COO of Stream Energy, Dan O’Malley, stated this after receiving this award.


This was a conference that was held at the Houston Doubletree Hotel. It had interactive panels along with executive workshops. The attendees were able to listen to their sponsors, exhibitors as well as industry professionals this way.


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Jorge Moll is Changing the Face of Healthcare in Brazil

Jorge Moll is enabling the rapid advance of medical innovation in Brazil. He is a cardiologist and a businessman, founder and developer of one of the biggest hospitals in the country, and one of the youngest company developers in the national field.


He co-founded the Rede D’Or São Luiz hospital network, which is at the forefront of research and innovation, and, also, the biggest private group of hospitals in Brazil. Jorge Moll works as the president of the remarkable D’Or Institute for Research and Education (Idor), and is considered the very first neuroscientist in the world to define the relationship that exists between our well-being, mental health, and volunteering.


Jorge Moll’s work on volunteering and charity is studied in many institutions of the globe, and many researchers in the healthcare industry have developer further explanations for the effects of volunteering using the concepts that Jorge explained in his own theory.


Jorge Moll, who founded the hospital network, in addition to leading 32 hospitals in the country, is commonly known for having been at a national conference in Brazil, where he shed more light on the history of the company, and how it grew from a mere examination institution to several numbers of hospitals with values of excellence.


Jorge Moll described Rio de Janeiro as the “center of medicine in Brazil” in the late 1970s to the early 1980s (LinkedIn). But, with that, he also explained how it got worse and how they saw a lot of problems plaguing the system, like lack of quality diagnoses and excellent services. This was the problems he planned to solve with his business. And he did solve most of the barriers faced by the national industry. He decided on creating a network of hospitals that serves several areas of the population. The first three institutions of the hospital network he built were Barra D’Or, Copa D’Or, and Quinta D’Or. Jorge Moll serves as the chairman of the Board of Directors of Rede D’Or São Luiz.


In a bid to continue to change the face of healthcare in Brazil, Jorge Moll is advocating the Total Health Management Model. The goal of the model is to deliver health care, at a cheaper cost, without wastage.


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