How Sahm Adrangi Made His Name In The Investment Community

Sahm Adrangi is a successful investor who lives in New York City. He graduated from Yale in 2003 and then worked in investment banking as an analyst for five years. He now runs his own hedge fund at Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, a business he founded in April 2009. His strategy is to deeply research companies. When he sees that a company’s stock is overvalued he shorts their stock. He then releases his research to other investors in order to persuade them to his views on the company.

When he started his hedge fund Sahm Adrangi started it mostly with his own money as well as his family and professional contacts in the industry. Soon after starting Kerrisdale Capital Management he made a name for himself in the industry when he released his research on a number of Chinese companies whose stock he had shorted. Their stocks were listed on US stock market exchanges. His research showed that the companies were flimsy and basically scams.

The research that Sahm Adrangi released included Chinese companies in a number of industries. One of them was China Education Alliance, a for-profit educational company. At the time it had a value of $150 million on the NYSE and his research showed that it was actually worth less than $25 million. Among the issues he spotted was that even though it claimed to have revenue from its online classes its website didn’t actually even work. Issues like this were at all of the companies he had shorted, and more information click here.

As a result of Sahm Adrangi’s research into Chinese companies about 24 Chinese businesses were delisted from US stock market exchanges. He made a substantial amount of profit for his hedge fund and exposed people that were running phony companies. Due to his skill at running his hedge fund and researching companies it is now worth about $200 million, and

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