Gregory James Aziz: A Business Genius

Gregory James Aziz currently holds the position of CEO and President of national steel car which is located in Hamilton Ontario. The company deals in railroad freight cars and is probably the biggest and most established word-over in terms of its production capacity and the returns. Gregory James was born in London, Ontario on 30th April 1949. His prowess in business is attributed to his education background not only in Ridley College but also at the University of Western Ontario. It is at the University of Western Ontario that he got James Aziz majored in economics, a course that would later define his business career.


Professional Journey


Gregory James Aziz made his career debut in business by joining Affiliated Foods; a business enterprise that was family owned. The success and eventual expansion of the business did not come as a surprise as James had the much-needed managerial aptitude to ensure the returns were above the roof. With time, the business gained a substantial advantage over its peers and even became the envy of many. The company was the dominant importer of fresh foods from various regions in the European markets, Central America, and even South America. The growth of the company saw the emergence of an extensive distribution network that stretched across major dominant world economies including the United States and Canada.


The Shift to Investment Banking


While he was a major driving force in the company’s success, Gregory James Aziz decided to shift gear and venture into the then murky waters of investment banking in New York. Here, he held various positions in the 1980s and 1990s which put him in a good position in terms of expertise and resources, to organize for the purchase of National Steel Car. The company was performing poorly financially at the time of the purchase and James saw an opportunity to restore its dying reputation and make it competitive again. He successfully restored its greatness not only in the region but also globally within a few a few years.


Achievements and Corporate social responsibility


James Gregory has many accomplishments under his belt. Most noteworthy of those include expanding the employee number from 500 to more than 3,000 employees. This increase in workforce ultimately increased production and also translated into even more returns for the company. National Steel Car takes part in corporate social responsibility in Hamilton and the region. Some of the sponsorships that the company does include The Hamilton Opera, The Salvations Army, Theater Aquarius, the united way among others


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