‘Thai Guy’ Joel Friant Brings Heat to the Palm of Your Hand

In today’s world, being an entrepreneur can be a struggle, especially when it comes to finding the perfect niche to target. Joel Friant has gone beyond finding a niche, but rather tapped into a world that’s been growing for millennia: spice.

Friant didn’t always have his mind on succulent scovilles, though. His initial background actually began in real estate sales and home remodeling, but he had other ideas stewing. The restaurant industry was in his future and his goal was to ratchet up the heat.

In 1995, Friant would begin tinkering with the world of Thai fast food and eventually give birth to perhaps his signature product, The Habanero Shaker. Branding himself “The Thai Guy,” his product sold well in Washington State giving him plenty of confidence in its ability to stand on its own.

Friant’s mind is regularly churning ideas. The whiteboard in his mind frequently features scribbles and eraser marks to fine-tune concepts such as “The Income Thermostat,” but there is money to be made in the same market that offers grated parmesan cheese and generic “red pepper flakes.”

Taking a moment to recap what makes The Habanero Shaker unique, Friant started with his love of the pepper. Knowing that he most certainly wasn’t the only one with this adoration, he decided that it was his duty to get a spicy yet flavorful condiment to the people who pined for such a blend.

He would go on to research and confirm that no other product on the market offered 100 percent habanero pepper flake goodness and the passion that helped him excel in real estate kicked into gear.

In a Dec 15, 2017 interview with IdeaMensch.com, Friant made it clear that he feels adding some kick to a variety of foods is a market ready to be fully explored.

“More people’s taste buds are ‘waking up’ to the spicy feeling of the chile pepper,” he said.

There’s no doubt that thanks to his innovative tactics and ability to identify trends that we may see a Habanero Shaker on a restaurant table near us all sooner or later.

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