Wet Foods That Are Enjoyed

My dog stays indoors, so I don’t really mind what kind of food I give her. I tried a few different kinds of wet food before switching to Beneful. There are several wet blends, and I can see most of the ingredients that are in the recipes, which is something that makes me feel better about giving her this brand of food.

Chopped Blends Beef

This is the go-to food that my dog enjoys. It is a finely chopped wet blend with peas and small pieces of carrots. I know that it is healthy for her and will help build her muscles while keeping her coat shiny. There is a light sauce coating the food, but it doesn’t make a mess like other wet foods I have purchased.

Chopped Blends Turkey

I’ve been looking for a healthier version of the Chopped Blends by Beneful, and I came across the turkey and brown rice. One of the things that I like about this product is that it has sweet potatoes and spinach as well, giving her the energy she needs to run and play.

Tuscan Style Medley

With an old-world flair, this wet food is one that features a rich sauce, small pieces of beef, slices of carrots and rice. It’s a complete and balanced meal for all of her nutritional needs. I like blending the food in with other Beneful products so that she has an assortment of flavors.

Beef Stew

Just like the beef stew that I make, the Beneful version has plenty of large pieces of vegetables that my dog enjoys. She can easily grasp the pieces of beef with her teeth along with the peas and carrots. There is a high amount of protein in the food. It comes in a tub with a resealable lid.