Protect the Earth While You Explore its Wonders

There is nothing quite like traveling to new parts of the world, especially areas that are untouched by human development. These areas of our earth are quickly disappearing due to a rapidly expanding human population in need of more and more land and natural resources. Those who truly appreciate these areas of true wilderness know how important it is to conserve them, and now with Wild Ark it is possible to experience the beauty of these locations while also ensuring that they will remain preserved for future generations to enjoy. Learn more:


Wild Ark is a conservation organization whose mission is to protect the ecosystem while also motivating people to take an active role in the conservation of our world. When you plan a trip with Wild Ark, you can be confident that while you are enjoying the beauty of nature you are also contributing to the preservation of wildlife and natural resources.


Wild Ark offers adventures in the African nations of Kenya, Botswana and South Africa, as well as trips to the beautiful wilderness of Alaska. All trips are sustainable and environmentally friendly, and educate travelers about the necessity of protecting the ecosystem in question. Learn more:


The beauty of these African locations is stunning, and the amount of activities available is enough to satisfy even a seasoned adventurer. Travel to beautiful Watamu Bay, Kenya to witness sea turtle conservation first hand, or travel to Botswana to enjoy a mobile tented safari in one of the last untouched stretches of African wilderness. Even more options are available in scenic South Africa, where guests can stay at the luxurious Londolozi Game Reserve, take a wildlife photography course in the African bush, or even complete a bird watching expedition where you will learn to appreciate the diversity of African birdlife. Learn more:


There are plenty of ways to explore our beautiful planet, but those who love the wonders of nature will find it even more rewarding choose to discover them with Wild Ark.