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Jeremy Goldstein: Giving Employees an Investment Chance

Jeremy Goldstein is a prominent blogger who practices law. He is posting several articles related to legal concerns and financial matters, and one of the most recent articles that he published is about the stock options known as a “knock out,” and how it can help employers and business owners, specifically those who have decided to terminate their company’s stock benefit. Jeremy Goldstein is pointing out that several companies and businesses decided to put an end to a staple company benefit: owning a company share. Before, customers are given a chance to purchase their company’s stocks and to keep a portfolio of it to be traded later on. However, this benefit was removed because the companies agreed that it cost them a lot of money, and stopping the practice would save them a lot of money.



However, Jeremy Goldstein thinks the opposite, and he has his insight into what is happening. According to his research, the companies started to terminate the stock ownership benefit because of the unpredictable drop in the prices of the stocks that the employees own. This fluctuation in prices does not affect the expenses of the company, and they are always required by the government to report what is happening with their business. The movement of the stock price is seen not as an investment by the companies, but as a gamble, so they decided to end the practice and just compensate their employees with additional salary.



However, some critics of the decision of private companies pointed out that removing the stock benefit from the employees would only give them a hard time to earn money because they would no longer be guided by their companies on how to invest. Jeremy Goldstein emphasized that people should be speaking with their companies about some conflicts that may arise from the decision.



Working for more than 15 years as a corporate lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein is considered as an expert in the field. Through his private firm called the Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC, Jeremy Goldstein will be able to provide the legal needs of his clients. Jeremy Goldstein writes when he has free time, and he is always using the internet to help him with his writing tasks. Jeremy Goldstein is a hardworking man who wanted to open the eyes of the people on where and when they can invest their money to gain the best profit.


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