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Doe Deere and Her Daily Morning Beauty Routine

When it comes to morning beauty routines, the more fun it is, the better off you will be. Like exercise, it has to have a pull for many people to remember to get it done each day. Doing so, can make a person’s skin look better and have better elasticity over the years. Doe Deere knows all about that. Here is her morning beauty routine.


Like any intelligent woman, she begins with hydration. While living in Los Angeles does cause the skin to get dried out, it is also sometimes about making sure that you do the same thing each day. Those kinds of beauty regimes can make the skin healthier.


After the hydration, Doe stretches and makes herself breakfast. Every smart woman knows that healthy skin begins with what you eat. Also, don’t forget to get those beauty sleep hours in. Doe claims she needs nine a night.


After all of that, she begins with her skin care products. She uses some products for her skin type. While it might seem a bit odd, the product line she uses for her skin is Murad. She claims that it, along with good food, hydration and sleep make her look beautiful. The honesty is very refreshing. She does pigments, not skin care, would be her response for certain. Either way, her looks are reminiscent of the pin up girl from the forties, with just a touch of modern pizazz.


After that, she does use the Lime Crime product line for her color make-up. She likes to stick with the pinks and the reds in the pigment selections. Her favorite being Matte Velvetine. She never stops there though. All of the new colors and choices that are so much fun with Lime Crime can lead to color indulgences that are straight out of a unicorn dream. Everyone knows how fond of those she is. If it’s fun, and its color, then it’s a solid choice for Doe Deere’s daily beauty morning routine.


Her favorite part of that morning, daily beauty routine spends time with her cats. She has two Persians. Perhaps their purr is good for her as well. Their purrs can be calming. No matter which part of the daily routine does it, she manages to look picture perfect day. The cosmetics add simple accentuation to that natural beauty. That’s how all good cosmetics should work. Overpowering looks add age, and you don’t want that.


Any daily morning beauty routine should be that much fun. If only we were all so lucky as to be able to get up and have that time in the morning to get ready and beautify. Perhaps it’s time to start. After all, look at how lovely it makes Lime Crime’s founder Doe Deere look each day. If it works, then you know it’s a great idea to start for yourself.


The basics are to get a lot of sleep. then remain hydrated. After that, eat well and relax. Then apply the daily skin treatments and add some color for the finishing touch.


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