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Non-surgical Pain Treatments at Osteo Relief Institute You Need To Know

Patients with osteoarthritis tend to make lifestyle changes. This can include changes in occupation, medical care, exercise, and diet.


Being overweight can exacerbate the condition of osteoporosis. A physical therapist will be able to help you with exercises and stretches that benefit the condition of osteoarthritis. These stretches should be completed several times per day. It’s important for patients with osteoarthritis to eat healthy. Eliminate processed foods and increase the number of fresh vegetables and fruit consumed each day.


There may be slight alterations you can make at work to make osteoarthritis easier to deal with. The modification of a technique or the addition of a tool can help make things easier. Regarding medical care, patients with osteoarthritis may need to check in with their doctor regularly to keep track of the condition. It’s also important for patients to have a supportive community to help them stay positive and work through any changes that need to be made. The Institute provides pain relief treatment methods which help recover mobility.


Benefit from FDA approved treatments to alleviate:

Arthritis or grinding in the knee

Swollen lower joints

Pain in the spine, legs or arms


The Osteo Relief Institute assists patients with; spinal stenosis, sciatica, neuropathy, degenerative discs, chronic back pain, severe neck problems, herniated disc or failed back surgery. All facilities are multidisciplinary and are made up of physical therapists and board-certified physicians.


The Institute employs highly developed technologies and expert staff. The Osteo Relief website offers a free packet of information on non-surgical treatments for pain relief (AliveNewspaper). There are millions of people within the United States dealing with osteoarthritis and seeking non-surgical solutions. Each treatment plan is created custom for the patient and their specific needs. The Osteo Relief Institute is based in New Jersey but there are Institutes located all throughout the United States. View the nearest location to you on the website.

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